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The City of Richmond has released an innovative new utility to help you stay up to date on potential traffic impacts, including the construction of the Pulse BRT.

The RVA Impact Map displays projects (i.e. gas, water, paving, etc.), events (i.e. parades, races, block parties, etc.) and right of way impacts (i.e. detours, partial and full lane closures, barricades, parking restrictions, etc.) as an interactive map for informational and navigational purposes. Data displayed is refreshed as changes are made.

You can even use the tool to have route specific alerts sent to you via email.

Here's how you can use it to stay up to date on Pulse Construction in 3-5 minutes:


1) Visit the RVA Impact Map Page and Create an Account

Visit the RVA Impact Map by clicking here 

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Navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and click Login


Select "Create A New Account" in the pop-up box and fill in your info


Check Your Email To Confirm Your New Account (please check your "spam" folder if it doesn't show up) 

2) Customize What You Want To See

Once you are logged in, you might want to filter out all non-BRT projects.

By default, all projects are displayed after you log in, so for those looking to specifically see where BRT construction is taking place, enter your address in the box underneath "NearBy Filter", and then check the "Roadway" box underneath Right of Way Activities > Project.

NOTE: This display might include other roadway activities besides BRT, so be sure to click each roadway icon on the map to see further details. 

3) Subscribe to Alerts

Instead of visiting the site when you want info, you also have an option to subscribe to alerts based on address or A-to-B route.

To select either, navigate to the top left of the map-frame and click on the "add route/area" icon (pencil and square).

Once you click on the "add route/area" icon, select "line" to begin programming your A-to-B route.

Be sure to select "driving" from the drop-drown menu. Once filled in, the map will adjust to reflect your current route. 

After you have filled in the info, click the "Get Alert" button to subscribe to e-mail alerts based on your inputed route. 

Give your alert a name like "BRT Construction" and enter your e-mail address. 

Underneath "For (When)" select as many variables as you would like. Select "All" for "Activity Type (What)"

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Additionally, you can customize alerts based on frequency, so select whatever works for you. 

DISCLAIMER: The City of Richmond strives to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information about street closures and construction projects. The information contained herein is intended for informational purposes only. While every effort is made to ensure the street closings displayed on this website are accurate and complete, there may be factors such as emergency work, weather conditions, or unavoidable operational issues that may render this information inaccurate.