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The partners behind the Pulse are committed to informing Richmond's business community of any potential construction impacts.

The Pulse RVA Business Support Initiative has prepared a wide array of digital materials to help you and your customers stay up to date. Explore these materials below. 

This includes informative graphics and imagery to use on your business' social media accounts, language for your newsletter, digital Brochures, printable window-posters, and more. 

What else would you like to see? What type of materials would be helpful for you?

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Public Outreach Plan

Ashley Mason, GRTC Marketing and Public Relations Specialist (BRT) is conducting ongoing, in-person outreach along the entire Pulse corridor. These outreach activities complement ongoing meetings with specific property owners, neighborhood and business associations, as well as our quarterly Public Meetings.

A record is kept of every touch made, and feedback is documented after each outreach day. When a connection is made, the outreach specialist provides a folder with information about the current status of the project, FAQs, feedback forms and contact information.  The specialist gathers the connection’s contact information, logs the date of the visit, and any comments provided during the meeting. Ms. Mason serves as the personal connection for each touch along the corridor, building relationships and two-way communication lines. This will enhance GRTC’s responsiveness to the needs of the communities we serve.

During construction, outreach is also supported by City of Richmond staff and LANE.

If you would like to meet with the Pulse team, please email your request to, including the requested date, time, duration, location, and any other specific request. The Pulse representative will provide informational folders, update the status of the project, answer questions and provide feedback.


Business Support Toolkit

Social Media Graphics

The following images have been prepared for you to use in your businesses' Social Media outreach on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While we highly recommend sharing and retweeting posts shared by the official GRTC Pulse Facebook and Twitter Feed, posting the following images directly will yield a greater return from your followers. 

To help optimize connectivity with these pages, a spreadsheet of accompanying text has also been prepared. Download this spreadsheet as a PDF here

Two-Sided Window Poster

The following two-sided 18x24 poster has been prepared for you to display in your storefront or on your bulletin board. If you would like to make sure you are included on our free poster distribution, please contact us


The following videos have been produced to get the word out on the importance of supporting local businesses during construction. We encourage sharing them on your social media channels or including them in your newsletters

Parking Inventory and Proposed Left-Turns

GRTC and Lane Construction have provided the following PDF maps to help your customers take note of available parking along the route of the Pulse. Additionally, they have provided a PDF summary of the proposed left turns as a result of the Pulse:

Suggested Email Copy

If your businesses has a newsletter, the following documents have been prepared as suggested content for your future outreach. Click the links below to download as a PDF. 

GRTC Pulse Press Materials

To give your customers some background information about the Pulse, GRTC has provided the following documents